Funding Plans

After years of working with NDIS clients, we have developed Funding Plans to ensure that plans are being optimally used and reflect our clients’ choice and control in determining what services they receive and how they allocate NDIS funding. We share Funding Plans with service providers, family and support people who have been selected by the client to deliver services under the client’s NDIS plan.

The Funding Plan allocates funding to a service provider with clear instructions on what the client and/or family want to achieve by reference to the client’s needs and NDIS goals. The service provider will make a service booking based on this plan.

The NDIS service provider selected to deliver those services is free to make a service booking based upon the client’s funding plan.  Where a client is plan-managed or self-managed, our support coordinator will work closely with the plan manager and client to develop the funding plan.

We can only provider this service when a client has nominated Behaviour Support and Therapy to be the Support Coordinator.