Support Coordination

We provide Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination. We work with clients to help them to understand and implement their NDIS plan and bring together a support network including NDIS providers and mainstream services. This often includes attending first appointments with providers and assisting clients to understand NDIS Service Agreements.

We bring together the knowledge and experience of the client and those around them to develop Support Plans highlighting client strengths and how NDIS goals can be achieved. We also develop Funding Plans to make sure that clients are maximising the value of their plan and getting value for money from providers.

We assist clients to engage with other providers to ensure that they are receiving necessary supports. This can look like assisting clients to:

  • engage with NDIS providers who provide the supports the client needs to meet their goals
  • address barriers to meeting their NDIS goals (housing, school, practical supports)
  • ensure that progress towards the NDIS goals is being made by other NDIS service providers
  • ensure that providers deliver assessments, reports and documentation required by the NDIS in a timely fashion
  • work with registered providers and the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission when necessary

We work tirelessly to ensure that our clients’ goals are being met, and to ensure that their experiences of the NDIS make them feel empowered and confident to live the life they choose for themselves, exercising choice and control.

Functional assessments

Specialist Support Coordination

A Specialist Support Coordinator is available in a client’s plan where there are additional high or complex needs. Specialist support coordination is aimed at reducing barriers to the client getting the most from their plan.

Our support coordinators are qualified social workers registered with the Australian Association of Social Workers. We have vast experience in delivering Specialist Support Coordination, including by identifying and engaging a range of services (including mainstream services) necessary to assist clients with complex needs.

Supported Independent Living Applications (SIL Applications)

We are experienced in developing Supported Independent Living Applications and arranging Supported Independent Living Assessments.

We have significant experience supporting clients to maintain and transition to Supported Independent Living. We develop the programs necessary to support clients, including Positive Behaviour Support Plans, Support Plans and Crisis Plans.

Working with us

These services can be accessed from the following line items in the client’s NDIS Plan:

  • Coordination of Supports: Level 2 (07_002_0106_8_3)
  • Specialist Support Coordination: Level 3 (07_004_0132_8_3)
  • Improved Daily Living – Capacity Building Supports for Early Childhood (15_040_0118_1_3). This funding can be used for a Key Worker, who essentially performs the role of Support Coordinator for an early childhood plan.