Joining the team

Behaviour Support and Therapy is always looking for dedicated, ambitious, and motivated staff who have a passion for working in a holistic client focused way with people from diverse backgrounds.

We have a nurturing environment with a strong focus on supporting staff members to identify and reach their career goals.

Applicants must meet the following essential criteria to be considered:


From time to time we work with Universities to support the training and development of students who wish to work in the fields we work. Behaviour Support is ideal for a first or second placement for many reasons:

  • The opportunity to work with a wide range of allied health professionals and agencies
  • Opportunities to shadow experienced therapists and support coordinators
  • Working with a wide range of diverse people and circumstances

Both students and employees of the service have various opportunities to explore new areas of their profession and continue to advance their knowledge and skill base with training and courses. We offer extensive supervision (reflective and clinical), training and clinical support.

If you would like to enquire about opportunities for employment or student placement, please contact us.