Marte Meo

While we use a myriad of different approaches and techniques to support our clients, one distinctive method that sets us apart from many other services is the Marte Meo.

Marte Meo is a unique positively lead, relationship building and prevention-based form of educational counselling. It aims to build upon and reinforce the strengths of client, enhancing their ability to effectively communicate and connect with those around them. It has application to clients of all ages and all levels of need.

We aim to develop new strategies that focus on the fundamental building blocks of effective communication, including:

  • Waiting and attentive listening
  • Seeing and identifying positive behaviours as they occur in everyday life
  • Bridging the gap between individuals by sharing stories and demonstrating effective, positive communication for the client
  • Being more present in interactions and communications with the client, enhancing relationships and social skills

Functional video analysis

We utilise Functional Video Analysis as a therapeutic and training tool, which typically involves video recording everyday interactions between the client and the important people in their life. By reviewing these videos together with a Marte Meo therapist, the client is able to build upon their existing strengths in connecting and communicating with others.

This approach can help the client by improving the communication and connection between them and their parents/carers. By better understanding social communication, parents/carers can more quickly identify the needs of the client, enabling them to focus on practical solutions to reduce behavioural issues.

In our experience parents/carers often see significant improvement in their ability to support clients issues, which in turn can reduce difficult behaviours.

These principles can support and underpin Positive Behaviour Support Plans and Support Plans for:

Working with us

If you would like to talk with us about our Marte Meo, please contact us. This service can be accessed from the following line items in the client’s NDIS Plan:

  • Improved Relationships – Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support (11_022_0110_7_3)
  • Improved Relationships – Behaviour Management Plan (11_023_0110_7_3)
  • Improved Daily Living – Capacity Building Supports for Early Childhood (15_040_0118_1_3)
  • Improved Daily Living – Individual Assessment, Therapy and/or training (15_048_01228_1_3)